How this all works

Hey there! We wanted to share a little about how things work around here, and we’re all about keeping it clear and honest – just like a good chat with friends.

First off, our site is free to use, always has been and always will be. When you buy something or hire a service through our links, we sometimes earn a small commission from the vendor. Don't worry, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it helps us keep the lights on and continue providing great content.

We pride ourselves on honest reviews. Everything you read is based on our real experiences and thorough research. We don’t get paid to say nice things, so what you read is what we truly believe.

Remember, we don’t provide warranties on the products and services we feature. If you’re curious about coverage, your best bet is to chat directly with the product makers or service providers.

And, you know how sometimes things change without a heads-up? It happens with products and services too. If you ever spot something on our site that’s out of sync with what a manufacturer says, give us a shout so we can sort it out and update the details.

Lastly, we’re really excited to start spotlighting some hidden gems. We’ll be creating special promoted content for fantastic businesses that might not be getting the attention they deserve. It’s important to note that while these businesses have paid to be featured, our selection process is invite-only. We truly have to believe in what they offer before they can participate. This way, we keep our integrity intact and make sure you're discovering the best of the best.

That's the scoop! We’re here to make sure you get the honest insights and fantastic finds without any hassle. Thanks for being a part of our community!

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