Every day publishers and providers have opportunities that go to waste.

I help Canadian businesses get a whole lot of attention by connecting them to providers and agencies with deals and space that they need to move.

Put another way, they're ready to make a deal.

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Same old, same olD?

Stop sitting around waiting for things to get better!

Let's create a story today that will get you the attention you need to earn new business and win new customers.

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Monday's Dispatch:
In the bleak mid-winter... we're mowing lawns?
Employee of the month? Try year!

A captivating story does much more work than you think it does.

It might be easy to think that you don't need to invest in sharing your story as your website and advertising spend has already busy enough.

But when you look at your biggest competitor I'm sure you'll see that they invested in telling theirs. Why? They're busy enough too...

They understand that a compelling story is a team member that works 24/7 for their company.

A well told story is a 24/7 salesperson booking the kind of work you want.
A well told story gives you permission to stop saying yes to every request that comes your way - a well told story is like a filter for the work you want.
A well told story helps you lean into your more profitable offerings and boost your bottom line by landing you the work that consistently make you money
A well told story positions your company as an expert and not a fly-by-night opperation.
A well told story helps you hire easier - Who wouldn't want to work for this pro looking outfit? With a killer website you attract better candidates.
A well told story decreases your ad spend - You can focus on conversions instead of clicks and see better results.
I hear about the deals that your competitors have no idea about.

With 20 years in this industry I'm connected AF. Not a humble brag - just what it is.

I spend my days talking to publishers, and media companies, about their unsold placements and opportunities. I then negotiate killer deals on these and curate them into a newsletter that goes out a few times a week. Think of it as the Sears Wishbook of killer deals for your business, circle the ones you want and I'll help you secure them.
Browse deals from many, many, providers.
These deals are priced well and easy to buy. No hidden fees, no bait and switch. No BS. These are deals I'd send my dad.
One on one support, from me
You get me to walk you through it every step of the way. I'm the one who picks up the phone when you call and I'll be the one answering your emails.
Rapid Delivery
If a deal looks like something you want you simply fill out a form and I'll be in touch within 1 business hour to get rolling.

Send me these DEALS!

These are the kinds of deals you can expect. Not an exhaustive list – but you get the idea.
Success Stories
New Product Launch
PR Syndication
Listicle Inclusions
Magazine Placements
Request for experts
Article Inclusions
Website Content
Social Media Content
Social Media Content
New Websites
New Websites
Expert Interviews
Bonus: Exclusive business listings and early access to media placements as part of my industry contacts
An $850 value!